Cannabis exhibit at CA State Fair big hit with fairgoers

Published on August 1st, 2022.

A first-of-its-kind exhibit at the California State Fair is proving to be a big hit with fairgoers.

The California Cannabis Exhibit is a walk-through space where people can learn about the plant, celebrate the farmers and get information about where the cannabis industry is headed.

Guests told KCRA 3 they found the exhibit informative and educational.

Vendors are excited about the opportunity to connect with fairgoers – offering up facts about various products and usage.

"The green market is growing, yet 86% of new consumers don't know how to use cannabis," said event vendor Vanessa Oliver. "It is our job as educators to teach them."

Exhibit producers said cannabis deserves a space at the state fair, right up there with other major California commodities.

"California cannabis is a big ag business and it's not slowing down," said James Leitz, executive producer of the fair's exhibit and awards program. "We join wine, cheese, olive oil, craft beer, with our seat at the ag table here in California."

Bringing an exhibit of this kind to the state fair has been a priority for the fair's board chair for years now.

"What I wanted us to do is support the industry by treating cannabis as an agricultural product for the state of California, a very valuable one, I might add," said board chair Jess Durfee.

Organizers said they predict attendance through the cannabis exhibit over the fair's 17-day run will reach between 70,000 and 80,000 people.

"A vast number of the people coming through here are not necessarily cannabis consumers," Durfee said. "They're just curious."

Exhibit producers predict they'll return next year since this year's cannabis showing rated high with the fairgoers.

"Whether they're 'canna curious' or a 'cannaisseur,' we had something for them in our educational displays," Leitz said. "For cannabis to have an exhibit at the California State Fair is a great step toward normalcy."

The exhibit is age-gated, meaning if you're headed to the fair this weekend and want to check out the exhibit, you must show identification proving you are 21 or over.

The exhibit also prohibits the consumption and sale of cannabis products.

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